Drain Kick

Drain Kick is an Alkaline Drain Opener designed to be both effective and safe. It is not as strong as the Hyper Acid, but safer for every day use. It is much heavier than water, so it can be added to standing water. It will sink to the bottom and begin to work.

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Citra Shot

Drain degreaser, deodorizer, and declogger with a citrus fragrance and the strength of delimonene. Works especially well as a drain degreaser. It coats the inside of the pipe, and then loosens and dissolves away a layer of build-up with each use. Works well as a gum and tar remover as well as for lift station maintenance. 100% Biodegradable. Available in quarts.

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Sewer Shot

Sewer Shot is a heavy duty activated granular alkaline drain opener especially designed to open sewer lines. It works by producing very large amounts of turbulence and heat to burn through almost any obstruction in the line. Will also attack roots of trees that have penetrated into the lines to destroy them as well.

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Granular heat producing drain opener to dissolve hair and grease in drains. Much safer than acid. The heat and turbulence caused by the action, burn and break loose most objects in clogged drains.

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Hyper Acid

HYPER ACID is a 93% Virgin Sulfuric Acid drain opener. It is designed to dissolve hair, grease, fabric, paper, and many other blockages in drains. It is safe for PVC pipes and produces less fumes than most sulfuric acid openers. HYPER ACID is one of the strongest drain openers available today. Each bottle is individually wrapped in plastic for extra protection against spills.

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Living enzymes and bacteria for odor and grease digestion. Great for restrooms, carpets, and drains. This product works great to eliminate smoke and pet smells from carpets, and digests the grease build up in drains and grease traps. (Liquid). Contain no acids or caustics, and is non-polluting. (Available in: Apple, Bubble Gum, Cherry, Mango, Cucumber Melon, Cranberry, Lavender Vanilla, and Fresh)

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