Floor Bright

This nonphosphate, high dilution formula is a good detergent fortified optical brighteners for an outstandingly clean surface. It is medium sudsing for use in most scrubbing machines or mopping. (Dilute 1:64 to 1:128)

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Powder Power

Granular concrete cleaner. Just apply to a wet concrete floor, brush with stiff bristle broom, and rinse. Removes even the toughest grease and oil stains. Also may be used in high pressure sprayers to clean equipment. Yellow powder that turns green when used with water. Pine scent. (45 lb.pails).

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Quick Strip

This heavy duty stripper is a real time and money saver. It is 100 % volatile and requires no neutralizing rinsing. It is very aggressive, and good on all types of resilient tile finishes.

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Shine 25 Floor Wax

This high speed waxing formula contains 25 % solids and is ideal for use on marble, resilient tile, terrazzo, and more. Self leveling, self sealing, spray buffable, and restorable. This product responds well to a variety of maintenance programs as well as both high and low speed buffing.

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Floor Buff Gel

Economical one step cleaner and polisher. Quickly removes black heel marks and scuffs, while restoring original gloss and luster. Use undiluted. Available in quarts.

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Oxi Shot

Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner with natural detergents and citrus solvents to easily dissolve stains on fabrics and carpet.

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Air Zyme

Air Zyme is an active bacteria especially designed for easy application on carpets and upholstery to eliminate organic odors, especially pet and body odors. Mint fragrance. Aerosol spray comes out as a light, fast-drying foam and will leave no residue.

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Shampoo Secret

Concentrated, fast drying, high foaming shampoo with optical brighteners for complete removal of deeply embedded carpet soils and ground in dirt and grime. Great for normal maintenance or restoration of upholstery. Normal dilution ratio of 1:50.

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Rug Rat-Z

Incredibly strong water-based aerosol carpet and upholstery stain remover. Will not harm most fabrics, and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

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